Great New American Sitcoms

Since Cable TV is in a slow, sad, downward spiral I thought I’d help the industry out and come up with a few sitcom ideas to get them back on the right track. These are all still works in progress but I really think they show promise. 

#1    Show Title: “My Therapist Says”

Genre: Comedy / Drama

A light-hearted but sometimes overly serious comedy about five or six professional therapists living in New York City who constantly deal with pretty and wacky characters that continuously pour into their offices. Their clients, who they are way too close with, will get them into some pretty absurd situations, all of which have obvious solutions were the therapists halfway decent at their job.

Sidenote: One of the therapists will be smoking a Juul instead of a pipe because he fucking hates himself.


#2    Show Title: “Fasten Your Seatbelts”

Genre: Comedy

A show about an international flight crew that must handle different passenger related ‘curve-balls’ as they come up. Also, one of the flight attendants is in a wheelchair that barely fits down the aisle.


#3     Show Title: “I’ll Get to It Yesterday”

Genre: You tell Me

Haven’t thought of the rest of the show yet but that title is gold.


#4    Show Title: “Case Closed”

Genre: Drama

Not a cop show. A show about the owners of a high end in memorabilia case store, like cases for signed baseballs, signed basketballs, signed footballs, signed baseball gloves….. signed golf balls. Again, not a cop show.  


#5    Show Title: “Until the Mic Drops!”

Genre: Game Show

Pretty self-explanatory, contestants must perform their act, which must involve a microphone, until they pass out from exhaustion. The shows tagline could be: “We know who in America has got talent, now it’s time to find out who in America has indomitable will-power”.


A little rough around the edges but I look forward to seeing some of these ideas on the big screen!