Bros Weigh In on Pixar Shorts

Pixar movies are like red starbursts and sassy black women in sitcoms - everyone loves them. And with good reason. It's just really hard to find something to dislike in a 4 minute dialogue-free movie, where half of the characters are animals, and the rest are old men and inanimate objects. 

How can you not love this shit???

How can you not love this shit???

Yes, everyone loves Pixar shorts. They make you feel like your at an old vaudeville show. They make you remember your childhood when you used to watch Toy Story 2 on VHS on a little TV jammed in the center console of the family Volvo on as you head to your grandparents' house in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. They make you feel like you're getting more than what you paid for!  

Not to mention, it's also quietly fashionable to like ANYTHING Pixar related. Just check Bumble or Tinder and tell me how many guys mention a Pixar movie in their bio. Shit, I know I do!

So, in an effort to get a weekly column going again. I've started to interview random bros I find off the street to ask them their opinions on various trendy and controversial topics. If we can trust anyone in this world, it's bros. There's no breath of fresh air quite like popped collars and honesty.

I happened upon a flock of bros last Thursday as they were leaving the gym an heading to their black Toyota 4Runner. Here's what they had to say about Pixar Animated Shorts... 

Trey Walker - runs a startup with his roommate, Blane. 

"My favorite short has to be Piper.


You know, the one they played before Finding Nemo 2. It's a charming coming of age tale about a young bird learning how to survive on his own under the watchful eye of his bird-mom. Actually, it may have been his bird-dad. I assumed it was his mom because the birds obviously weren't wearing clothes, and I didn't see a dick or balls. But, I guess bird's don't have dicks, do they? Anyway, yeah Piper is my favorite. 

Tripp Anderson - social media manager. 

Day & Night was so frickin' trippy.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 11.13.27 PM.png

I've seen it twice now and I still don't really understand what the message was. But I love trippy stuff. I mean, shit, my name is Tripp lol. I've only done shrooms once, and I don't think I'll ever do it again, but why would I have to when Pixar is popping out animated mindfucks like Day & Night every few years? Not to mention, it came on right before Toy Story 3, which was also dope. I mean, Toy Story was literally my childhood, so Toy Story 3 was super important to me. 

Blane Price - runs a startup with his roommate, Trey. 

My favorite is Geri's Game.

Geris Game.jpg

It's the one with the old guy named Geri. He's playing chess against himself, but at the same time it's kind've a Fight Club type story where you aren't sure where Geri #1 ends and Geri #2 begins. I like psychological thrillers, like Fight Club, and Geri's Game really got me in the right frame of mind before A Bug's Life came on. 

Trace Walker - dental hygienist. 

I'm a huge fan of Hawaiian arts and culture, so needless to say my favorite Pixar short is Lava.


It's the story of these two mountains. One is really fat and just looks like a regular mountain, but the other is a chick and has tig ol' mountain bitties. I was in as soon as I saw those curvy rock formations. Add some killer ukulele, and a little kickass volcano stuff, and you've got the Trace Walker seal of approval! 

Tanner Adams - MBA student. 

I like the one with the lamps.


It's the original, and I'm just a sucker for originals. That's why my favorite band is The Chainsmokers, every song they make is just so dope and unique. They're like the Danny Trejo of music.