Same Same, But Different

The Workaholics guys made a movie! Except it’s not The Workaholics Movie. Except, it kinda is. A little more than a year after we said our final goodbyes to the illest group of dudes in Rancho Cucamonga we received the trailer for Game Over, Man!, starring all three members of the funniest cubicle at TelAmeriCorp. The movie, which comes out on Netflix this March, looks hilarious. Yet, even though the plot, which is basically Anders, Blake, and Adam acting as bizzaro versions of John McClane to stop a hotel hostage situation, looks hilarious, it also looks familiar.

Don’t get me wrong, the Workaholics gang doesn’t miss often, but it's interesting that their first leap into feature length films is basically their same characters in a different universe. They’re not EXACTLY the same, but pretty close. Blake has sideburns instead of a mustache, Anders is all cool and sexy with some sweet five oclock shadow, and Adam… well Adam looks the same. And that’s ok! I think. The only problem Workaholics ever ran into is that the guys got a little too old for it to be funny that they were still just loveable underachievers. Hopefully the fact that they’re mid-thirties makes more sense in this explosive action comedy. Either way I'm going to love it, but, Workaholics wasn’t for everyone and I don’t think they’ll be winning over any new fans with Game Over, Man!.