REVIEW: Halloween

How much I enjoyed it: B+           How “good” of a movie was it: B           Overall Grade: B+ Worth Seeing in Theatres: YES

If you’re looking for a crap your pants this is terrifying type of scary movie than I’d say this one isn’t for you. While you do see some pretty insane deaths in some pretty epic fashions accompanied by a whole lotta blood, it just doesn’t compare to the absurdly terrifying movies coming out these days like The Nun or It. The reason Halloween doesn’t compare to those movies is the same reason it’s so entertaining: it’s real. Maybe not realistic, but everyone that dies in this movie gets killed by a big messed up dude who just likes a good old fashioned murder, not by a demon nun or a demon clown.

That dude is Michael Myers. And Michael Myers, even at the tender age of 61, is a bad, bad man. I don’t have an official height and weight on this chump but just spitballing I’d put him at a clean 6’4, 250lbs. Ballpark 315 bench with some SERIOUS Dad strength and a high motor. My favorite part about this movie is that you really don’t know anything about this guy, the main character of the movie, besides that he likes to crack necks and not cash checks. I could watch this guy one hand throat grab horny teens like the Undertaker all day long, and that’s exactly what he does.

And then there’s the fact that this movie is somehow hilarious. It definitely takes away from some of the scariness, but I thought the 4 or 5 laugh out loud scenes combined with Michael Myers showing fools who’s boss adds up to a fun, scary, very entertaining movie.

Is it a great movie? No. Honestly the plot is pretty ridiculous. But it’s got great characters, a psycho killer, and a ton of laughs.